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sticks.gif (5072 bytes) The Art of Cue making has come a long way over the years. New construction technology and design make today's cues more beautiful and playable then ever. South East Cues put these advances along with the best materials, the finest craftsmanship, and attention to every tiny detail into creating cues for the discriminating player.

Aged wood for unequaled straightness. We hand select the finest woods for South East Cues. The Wood is aged for months by alternately storing and machining each piece multiple times. This unique, time consuming process allows assures absolute straightness. Remember, the straighter the cue, the straigher the shot. And with proper care, your South East cue will stay straight throughout its entire life.

The first choice of the serious player. Players who own a South East Cue will tell you about superior hit, timeless beauty and unparalleled finish. South East Cues holds a commitment to use only the finest available materials machined to the tightest tolerances. The craftsmen at South East Cues take pride in fashioning distinctively beautiful cues from the finest woods. The unique designs, along with the special white maple shaft, a joint which is slient, top quality linen based ferrules, professional type taper, and exceptional hand finishing make South East Cues the first choice of the serious player.

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Beautiful protective finish. Developed through years of experience, the exclusive South East Cues finish is the ultimate. It gives each cue a deep luster that brings out the true beauty of the many fine woods used in building a South East cue. And it protects the cue through a lifetime of use.

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Personalized weight adjustment. Most South East Cues comes with a standard 3-inch steel butt bolt. This can be exchanged for a longer, heavier steel bolt, or a lighter aluminum bolt to give the exact weight and feel that suits you best. As a result, you'll play a more natural and confident game.

Wood-to-wood joint for a solid hit and feel. In most South East cues, the wood of the shaft is jointed directly to the wood of the butt and is held in place by a stainless steel pin. You get the solid, consistent hit and feel of a one piece cue

Other South East Cues quality features:
  • A linen base ferrule that plays like ivory but won't crack or chip
  • A 58" standard length cue
  • The finest selection of exotic woods
  • Irish Linen wrap

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You can't lose with South East Cues. Weather you prefer a cue that is tastefully simple or richly ornamented, a South East cue is the cue to choose. South East Cues offer unexcelled beauty, performance, durability, and escalating value. This doesn't happen by accident. Every cue is reflection of cue master Nat Green's years of experience and uncompromising dedication to quality and craftsmanship. No matter what you spend on your cue, it will give you a lifetime of playing satisfaction and enjoyment. You can't lose.

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